Knitic + OpenKnit

We are collaborating with Gerard Rubio the author of OpenKnit for making software part for the completely open source knitting machine. It is almost there: make your own knitting machine!

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 3.09.34 PM

NeuroKnitting – let me knit with your brain!

New project realized in the collaboration with Sebastian Mealla.
Neuro Knitting represents a novel way of personal, generative design and fabrication. An approach that brings together affective computing and digital crafts. And thus, it offers new applications and creative thinking to both areas.

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Knitic workshop @Constant

last weekend we made Knitic workshop in Pianofabrique in Brussels. Many thanx for Wendy from Constant for organizing the event!
Soldering PCBs for Knitic, opening up knitting machines and trying to make everything work

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Producing PCBs for Knitic @ Fablab Barcelona

super grateful to Fablab Barcelona that let us to produce some PCBs for Knitic with their milling machine. Also kindly guided through the process. Muchas gracias!



and after quick soldering we got this:

This time we made 1layer PCBs because of short time for production. But would like to try out double side circuit milling in the future. This will be quite precise work.

Some tips that we learned:
1. use KB type boards for a milling machine. Those are much softer than fiber ones and doesn’t break drills so easily. However the drawback is fragile connection pins, especially these ones that goes to Arduino.
2. mirror circuit if soldered on the back of PCB