Circular Knitic @WeMake

Our 1st Circular Knitic workshop took place on the 7th Feb’15 at WeMake. WeMake is a Milan-based makerspace, which has a dedicated part of its space on the textile and wearables production, and especially knitting! This was a super positive discovery for us.

Here is a demo video of functioning Circular Knitic machine as an outcome of the workshop:

and some photos:

Day before the workshop had a lecture on ‘Soft Digital Fabrication’

Circular Knitic

Here it is – open hardware replicable circular knitting machine – Circular Knitic! The idea, which we got already in 2012 – to make an open source knitting machine, which could be produced with digital fabrication tools – is now realized!

Circular Knitic is an open hardware project. By using digital fabrication and makers’ tools, like 3D printing, laser cutting, makerbeam, and Arduino, we have designed an automated and replicable circular knitting machine.

Fab Labs and makerspaces are a lot about hard-surface object production. At the same time, the 1st digital fabrication tool, which is an electronic knitting machine back to 1976, has been forgotten and discontinued. Hence, with this project, Circular Knitic, and our earlier one called Knitic, we aim to integrate textile fabrication to the makers’ culture.

Code and design files are on github.
Also we made some basic video tutorials how to start knitting on Circular Knitic machine:

Commissioned by Ayuntamiento Zaragoza.

- DOERS exhibition curated by David Cuartielles in Etopia, Zaragoza, Spain (Dec’14 – July’15)

Knitic + OpenKnit

We are collaborating with Gerard Rubio the author of OpenKnit for making software part for the completely open source knitting machine. It is almost there: make your own knitting machine!

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 3.09.34 PM

NeuroKnitting – let me knit with your brain!

New project realized in the collaboration with Sebastian Mealla.
Neuro Knitting represents a novel way of personal, generative design and fabrication. An approach that brings together affective computing and digital crafts. And thus, it offers new applications and creative thinking to both areas.

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